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I just got a new job .... been wondering what's office life is like ... well I am served! :)
Its not that bad .... just need some adjusting. Same with my Projects. :(

Well I will see how I can manage.
Black Knight

Dragon Ball Z re-runs :)

Wow... It was a long time since I have posted anything!
What to do ... did not have time.
Well exams time is just at my doorstep and to destress (I wonder if that word exists :P ) I am writing a post here.
Well a good stress reliever is also all the reruns of Dragon Ball Z!!!
Wow do I need these reruns!
Well I hope that I will be able to concentrate on the exams and not writing on Sangoku defeating Vegeta!
C ya soon
Black Knight


There is nothing much to say....It is just that I love reading Ravyn's stories and the best way to read and (now) review her stories is to get this account
That's all